Projects in India

  • Sanskriti Renu,Rajasthan
  • Sudarshan Audio Visual Library,Odisha
  • Adopting a Village,Punjab
  • Preserving Culture
  • Tree planting Endowment
  • Malhotra Dharma Beej Endowment

Projects in USA

  • Arsha Vidya Gurukulam
  • The very first United Nations Millennuim
  • Peace Summit- New York,NY
  • Children Musuem-Grand Rapids
  • Fountain Street Church-Grand Rapids
  • Though Lecture Series


  • Vedaanta Meditation
  • The Timeless Teachings of Indian Philosophy
  • Hinduism in America
  • Doing Buisness With India
  • Hinduism & Christianity Common Threads
  • Different Fabric

Dharmbeej Hindi April - 2018

Dharmbeej july - 2018

Welcome to 'Seed The World'

Founder Renu S. Malhotra started Seed the World with the belief that individuals can make a difference in our global society. An Indo-American, she has been blessed with three grown children and success in the business world. She holds an MBA and, with her husband, owns a mult-disciplinary engineering company with offices nationwide. The environment, education and medicine have been important elements in the lives of the Malhotra family.

Other Involvement:
  • Patron of Arsha Vidya Pitham since 1988.
  • Nine years on Governing Board of World Hindu Council.
  • Five years on Grand Rapids Children’s Museum board.
  • Cultural Arts Committee at Forest Hills Schools.
  • Academic Boosters Committee at Forest Hills Central schools.
  • Renu is also a founding member of The International Forum for India's Heritage (IFIH).
Sanskriti Renu
Sudarshan Library (Apr-2011)
Sudarshan Library (Dec-09)

Vision of STW

Seed the World (STW) is a nonprofit foundation. It was founded on the belief that individuals can make a difference in the global village by helping others help themselves to obtain essentials such as food, shelter and education. We believe that by helping others help themselves, we can learn something about the human Spirit and, ultimately, ourselves.

In this information age when everything around us is changing too fast, there is a need to see what never changes…we need to focus on values and ways of thinking that can benefit everyone…and our work is ongoing.


An Indo-American Perspective on Dalit Lynching

I think the Caste system should be dismantled, as it is not indigenous to India anyway. In fact the Supreme Court has already done so and no thinking Hindu supports it. However, the varNa Vyavasthaa based on disposition of the mind and chosen work is universally existent in all humanity. Just think if it was not so, then why don’t all citizens of the USA become scientists, engineers, doctors of medicine and computer experts, instead of having to import them from other nations? People are not being let into this or any other affluent country out of sheer charity. This is especially true of people of Indian origins, for we are allowed in mostly because of our education and abilities. In fact, if you study the record of immigration policies of the USA, Australia, and most European countries, they have been heavily favored towards the white nations. Even non-English speaking Eastern Europeans are more welcome here! This is obvious to anyone living here who cares to be reading and observing and not perpetually shopping in our gigantic malls!
Always we hope but scum to greed and need to dominate!
The next big step must be to stop any attempts to convert people from one faith to another!
That one step will  be a great  step towards WORLD PEACE