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Seed the World (STW) is a nonprofit foundation. It was founded on the belief that individuals can make a difference in the global village by helping others help themselves to obtain essentials such as food, shelter and education.

A view from the other side (part-11)

Today Zee TV, world news talked about the royal couple having given birth to a baby girl! British royals that is! For all us colonized countries of the world— Europe is not a great continent. It has produced two world wars, Crusades that were like Jihaad of today, killing of Jews by the millions —but far less than the number of Hindus killed by two equally cruel religions. Missionary work began by Europeans, that is devastating the more peaceful populations of the world; then why this fascination about a man and women having a child ? How is that different from anyone having a child ? Every time anything happens in England we in the USA also go crazy. Like Diana dying in a car crash with her illegitimate lover. It happens every day everywhere, so what is to be fascinated ? Did USA not throw out the British? Not only that but even the light switches and faucets turn the other way so we could be different! USA was established in its present avatar, to be different and not Catholic for sure. Also we in the USA were against royalty ; who is royal anyway? To me the way they maintain Kings and Queens in Europe is more like maintaining parasites for the tax payers.

For people of Indian origins to show excitement at the nonexistent Royals having a child is even more silly. They devastated the richest country in the world and continue to loot all kind of knowledge from this genuine and unique tradition. ( pre capitalistic and not seeking money in every action) All they are doing is using every countries brains to get ahead them selves. The English wrote the book on how to draw away all money from a nation; they did it the world over, and even then a child born to a couple that is not royal any more is. BIG NEWS in a world that is in need of some benevolence and at least reduction in producing fabulous wealth at the cost of extreme poverty !

A View from the other side (part-10)


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Friday, 22 October 2021