Renu Malhotra has lectured  extensively in India and USA.

Some important places in India -

  • IIT Kharagpur SFIH (Students Forum for India's Heritage)
  • IIT Madras - Jhunjhunwala ji
  • JNU Dilli
  • Jadavpur -Kolkata
  • 3 week tour of VK schools in North East --highly disturbed due to Missionaries and their work to destroy indigenous cultures..
  • Rotaries in India as well as USA
  • Engineering schools
  • Some memorial lectures in India
  • Indian Institutes of Advanced Studies:
    1. Shimla
    2. Bengaluru

In the USA

  • Cornerstone university
  • Aquinas College
  • Fountain street church
  • Interfaith Institute Grand Rapids
  • Rotary clubs
  • Calvin College

Renu Malhotra also gave talks in several schools and churches through out Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Texas.

Seed the World suggests the following lecture topics, or you may inquire about additional subjects of interest to you:

This subject can be investigated in a single lecture or a more involved workshop. In a workshop format, the philosophy is explored and compared to the schools of the west. Several class sessions are needed to even begin to understand this all-encompassing worldview. Advaita Vedaanta has the ability to accommodate all thought processes, while keeping its Essence.        

Many in the west have become attracted to such activities as yoga and meditation for health reasons. While we agree that such a discipline is effective in stress relief, pain management and relaxation, it is important for us to remember that the ultimate goal of this practice is spiritual growth leading to a feeling of freedom from all binding. Here meditation practice is taught in a pure, nonsectarian manner.

Eastern & Western Religion: Is There Anything to Agree On?
The traditions of the Semitic religions seem at first glance to be diametrically opposed to those born on Indian soil. While not attempting to ignore some very important distinctions between them, perhaps it would be important to understand that there is more that binds us than separates us. Some say that the future of world harmony depends on such a dialogue.

Hinduism & Christianity: Common Threads, Different Fabric
What, if anything do the two religions have in common? Is there any history that they share? Here we will attempt to provide answers to these and many other questions. The writings of both Christian and Hindu sages will be compared.

Reacting to the World From a Point of Calm
If India has given the world anything, it is the understanding that balance, contentment and non-attachment are values to be cultivated for a rewarding life. So much of what is taught in the mental health sciences today has its point of origin in the ancient yogic practices of India.

The Timeless Teachings of Indian Philosophy
Ignorance, not evil, is the cause of the human condition. Ignorance can only be removed by knowledge, just as darkness is removed by light alone. There is a methodology by which this is done. Within this body of knowledge are contained the seeds of peace. Vedaanta philosophy greatly influenced the Transcendentalists of the 19th century.

Hinduism in America
As mentioned in the topic above, Vedic influence on western cultures did not begin with the Beatles bringing sitars back from India. Great writers such as Emerson and Thoreau received much inspiration from the ancient scriptures of Asia. After that, these shores saw the arrival of a number of sages, Vedaantists, yoga teachers, priests and devout practitioners. Hindu temples are becoming more a part of the American landscape and less exotic oddities.

Doing Business With India
The relationship between the United States and India has not always developed as well as some think that it should have between two very important democracies. However, in the recent past, American businesses have begun to discover the benefits of trading with Asia’s largest democracy. Boasting a strong work ethic and sharing many of the values held by North Americans, India will be an important partner in the global economy.

The following are additional topics which may be of interest:

Related to Hindu Tradition for Hindus:

  • Shakti Worship - invoking the female power in the Creation
  • The Guru Shishya Parampaaras in Hindu Dharma
  • Understanding the Varna Vyavasthaa (wrongly called Caste System) in Hindu Dharma
  • The Four Human Pursuits or Purushaarthas
  • Twenty Values in the BHAGAWAT GEETAA Needed to Develop a Mind that Learns Easily

Topics of General Interest:

  • Vedaanta, Science and the Western World
  • Spiritual Discovery - a Study of the Self
  • Harmonious Coexistence - Human Endeavor for All
  • Comparative Study of Two Main Worldviews - East and West
  • Handling Diversity in an Ever-Changing World
  • Sensitivity in a Multi-Cultural Environment
  • Raising Ethical Children through Teaching Universal Values
  • Life as a Pilgrim towards Spiritual Growth Leading to Peace
  • Discovering God's Presence Everywhere Leading to Respect for Our Creation
  • Symbolism in Worship - Are Rituals Meaningful?
  • Does Polytheism Exist or Is It a Deeper Understanding of Only One God?


For schools and churches, lectures can be delivered for an honorarium that is set by the institution.
For other non-profits, businesses and civic organizations a donation to Seed the World is welcome.

If travel is required to reach your group, all related expenses must be covered.