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The goal of Seed the World is to empower people by lending
a helping hand to strengthen their inherent abilities.

We recognize that due to much human folly poverty and suffering still exist. We believe people who understand the human spirit and the inter-connectedness of all life can rectify this prevailing situation, for the wellbeing of all Humanity. In helping others help themselves, we unleash an incredible power, which brings a joyful transformation. Most of us realize that there are enough resources available to us at the present time to create wealth for many. Human beings are the greatest of resources, of which we in our world have more than ever. Our activities focus on:
  • Education
  • Health
  • Environment
We interpret these in a very wide sense e.g.,education would mean not just learning to pass a grade but also learning to live a fulfilling life, while meaningfully contributing to society around us. Healthy people are a necessity and proper environment is needed for people to be healthy.

We achieve our goals by enabling small villages and village schools to become clean, self-sufficient (through tree planting and crop enhancement), growing spiritually (by providing a place of worship, study and community hall), and ecologically balanced by taking care of the environment (planting fruit trees, medicinal plants, and pollution reducing, nutrition enhancing indigenous trees).

We focus on women and children in particular in achieving this, as we consider them the building blocks of any society. Our goal is to make a small village self-sufficient so that in a few years they will become our coworkers in furthering this momentum to create pleasant and healthy villages all over in the long run.

The Fruits of Our Efforts

Since its inception in 1996, Seed the World has been able to sow the seed of hope for many in rural India. Seed the World has provided funds for:
  • One teacher school buildings.
  • Orphanage improvements.
  • Scholarships for preservation of performing arts, study Sanskrit language (the oldest classical language of the world) and education of schoolchildren. 
    • The Tribal Education Institute – Bhopal, India
    • The Girls College – Manjakudi, India
    • Nrittiyagram Dance Institute – India
    • The Vanvaasi Girls Hostel - Ujjain, MP

 Seed the World has also provided funds for:

  • The sponsorship of the Samartha Bhaarat Lecture Series at The Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur, India
        Seed the World sent Tsunami help funds to:
  • Vivekananda Kendra
  • AIM for SEVA
  • ECCO Tsunami Relief