Recently, the leadership of Seed the World noticed a great void in our American culture in its understanding of India and its importance to the United States. In the coming decades it is all but certain that India will become one of the United State’s most important allies and trading partners. Yet most Americans are painfully unaware of this most amazing country. Seed the World is dedicated to filling this gap by providing knowledgeable talks for churches, schools, civic groups, etc. about historical, social, religious and philosophical subjects pertinent to the world’s oldest surviving civilization.





We hope to achieve the following goals in this endeavor:

  1. To educate interested groups in the age-old nonsectarian philosophical system of Vedaanta. Unknown to most, this venerable system greatly influenced the Greco-Roman schools of thought.
  2. Encourage the appreciation of diversity of thought and cultures
  3. Dispel the myths and misunderstandings brought about by centuries of colonialism.
  4. Engage in interfaith dialogues between Western traditions and those born on Indian soil.
  5. To foster the exchange of culture and business.
  6. To sponsor Indian cultural and artistic events locally.
  7. To introduce the exceptional contributions of Indo-Americans to the U.S. economy.