Malhotra Dharma Beej Endowment

Seed The World (STW) established an endowment with Vivekananda Kendra ( in the year 2013  to encourage pro Hindu writing to clear the gross misunderstandings about our traditions. For a long time now people out side the Hindu traditions have been trying to give interpretations that are made up according to a non Hindu mindset. Malhotra Dharma Beej Endowment hopes to begin a process by which Hindus themselves will write about themselves. Our 1st attempt is a News Letter that goes to several thousand students and rural and tribal homes. We hope to involve ourselves with other writing projects in the future.
Sudarshan Audio-Visual Library (Odisha)
- the mobile Library cum Audio Visual van, with the sponsorship of Malhotras of SEED THE WORLD, USA, is one more step by Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari, for intensifying its MAN MAKING-NATION BUILDING activities to build a developed and better rural Odisha. The van was launched on 8th July 2008 with Homam at Ghatagaon Maa Tarini Thakurani Temple which coincided with the auspicious occasion of HERA PANCHAMI. After Vedic Chantings, Chandi Patha and Homam, Mananeeya Nivedita didi, Vice-President, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari dedicated the van in the service of people. A public meeting was also organized at Ghatagaon, Keonjhar, on the same day where Mananeeya Nivedita didi spoke to the public on the objective of the programme and how people like Malhotra family, even  living abroad, come forward to sponsor such activities for the benefit of common man. Then the van was launched for the service of people. The next day ie on 9th July 2008, the first show for the people was organized at village Deobandha, a remote villages under Ghatagaon block. On 11th July the vehicle was taken to Puri for seeking the blessings of Lord Jagannath, the ista devata of Odisha.
SANSKRITI RENU is a special book exhibition Van with approx- 150 titles of Hindi & English books related to Swami Vivekananda's thoughts & Indian Culture. It also 
carries an exhibition presenting glorious Indian Culture. A big television, Computer and audio set is also built-in in the Van, on which we display many videos, shlokas, prayers and patriotic songs.

On the auspicious occasion of Swami Vivekananda's 150th Birth Anniversary, this Van is very much useful in spreading Swamiji's Thoughts to every city & Village of Rajasthan. This Van was inaugurated on 18 Feb, 2012 at Jaipur by Sri Sudarshan Malhotra, Smt Renu Malhotra, Sri A Balakrishnanji.

Sewa Bharti Shri JagMohan Singh Tribal Girls Hostel Ujjain (MP)

Seed The World donated for setting up hostel for tribal girls in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh). 64 girl students are staying in the hostel to continue their education. The girls staying in the hostel are students of class VI to XII and are studying in Lokmanya Tilak Vidyalaya Ujjain. The hostel is furnished with minimum basic amenities. Each student has been provided with Bed, Bed-sheet, Rajai, Mattress, and Table Chair. There is a beautiful garden and a playground also. Students are given in the hostel sprouted grain in the break-fast and meals every day. They take mid-day meals from the hostel in their lunch pack every day. They are also provided with two pairs of school uniform (i.e. sky-blue Kurta & blue Salwar, black shoes, white & blue socks, black ribbon), Apart from the above one civil dress is also given to each girl every year. The girls are also given stationery and course books.
 Ekal Vidyalayas
         As its first social project, Seed The World built 5 ekal vidyalayasin rural/tribalareas of India to provide educational facilities for the children.
Skill Center for girls
We want to put up a skill center for girls who do not desire to go to college. These must be to enable them for earning a living in newer and modern ways.The foundation adopted the village in March 2000, augmenting the children’s schoolwork with tutoring and educational programs.
Other Projects
Adopting a Village
Seed the World is making a difference in the lives of over one hundred children and their families in a village in Punjab, India. The foundation adopted the village in March 2000, augmenting the children’s schoolwork with tutoring and educational programs. Recognizing that many other factors impact a child’s ability to learn, Seed the World reached out to the entire village to help enhance overall living conditions. With funding from Seed the World, villagers constructed public restrooms, drilled new wells to improve water quality and planted medicinal trees to help enhance health conditions.
Preserving Culture
Seed the World is helping to preserve Indian culture through financial help for artists who are helping maintain classical arts of ancient India.
1. Held a Sitar performance by a professor of music in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the United States.
2.  Provided financial assistance to a renowned artist of the ODISSI Temple dance form. The seed money enabled this artist to attend a dance workshop here in the U.S. and also obtain a $35,000 grant to produce and perform next year here in the U.S. again. Nrittiyagram, of which she is part, has an outreach program to bring Indian dance forms to village children free of charge.
Tree Planting Endowment
Set up an endowment for planting trees in the state of Odisha, which saw the worst floods and hurricane in 140 years. We hope to do more of these as it helps the environment of our planet.
Engineering India
We are involved with an Initiative by some IIT Kharagpur students who established a magazine called Engineering India they want to work on Re- engineering India into Bhaarat so she can be the Jagat Guru again. STW supports them and has given them some financial support recently.