Seed the World, Inc. is a Michigan Foundation. The founder, Renu S. Malhotra, thinks of Grand Rapids as her home, where she lived for 35 years. Recently, she moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to be near family. One of the goals of Seed the World is to bring the wisdom of her native land of India to her adopted land, the United States of America. At Seed the World, we believe that these two Nations are destined to become closer, and to usher in the best times the world has yet seen. Seed the World attempts to work towards this goal by building bridges in several ways:




Through grants and classes to like minded organizations:

  1. Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Institute for the Study of Sanskrit and Vedaanta)
  2. The very first United Nations Millennium Peace Summit -- New York, NY
  3. Children’s Museum – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  4. Fountain Street Church – Grand Rapids, Michigan
  5. Hindu American Foundation
  6. Founding member of Sankara Eye Foundation
  • Through lecture series:
  1. A wide variety of lectures are offered in the United States.