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Seed the World (STW) is a nonprofit foundation. It was founded on the belief that individuals can make a difference in the global village by helping others help themselves to obtain essentials such as food, shelter and education.

देवनागरी या लैटिन/रोमन???

मैं तो केवल "देवनागरी" जैसे नाम के कारण भी यथास्थिति बनाए रखना चाहूंगी!

मुझे अचरज होता है कि कुछ लोग इसे बदलना क्यों चाहते हैं; वे ऐसी लिपि क्यों अपनाना चाहते हैं, जिसका अपना कोई नाम तक नहीं है और जिसे लैटिन/रोमन की मदद लेनी पड़ती है?

पिछले कुछ समय से हमने हिंदी को लैटिन लिपि में लिखने का चलन देखा है। इसका उपयोग फिल्मों के नामों के लिए किया जाता है, इंटरनेट पर किया जाता है, हिंदी जानने वाले कुछ लोग ईमेल भेजने या एसएमएस भेजने के लिए भी करते हैं। कुछ प्रसिद्ध व्यक्तियों ने सुझाव दिया है कि हमारी राष्ट्र-भाषा हिंदी के लिए इसी लिपि को अपना लिया जाए। मैं पूरी तरह इस विचार के खिलाफ हूँ। इस लेख में, मैं कुछ कारण प्रस्तुत करना चाहती हूँ कि क्यों हमें एक लंबे समय से उपयोग की जा रही वर्तमान देवनागरी लिपि के अलावा किसी अन्य लिपि को अपनाने के बारे में कभी सोचना भी नहीं चाहिए!

मैं एक भारतीय-अमेरिकी हिन्दू हूँ और लगभग पचास वर्षों से अमेरिका में रह रही हूँ।

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DevaNaagari or Latin/Roman???

Just for a name like this, “देवनागरी ” I would stay with status quo!

Why some think otherwise I wonder; go with a script that does not even have a name for itself and has to take the help of Latin/Roman?

Recently we see Hindi being written using the Latin Script (lipi). It is being used for names of movies, on the internet, some people who know Hindi even correspond this way on emails or even SMS. Some known personalities have suggested that this script be adopted for our National Language Hindi. I am completely against this way of thinking. In this article, I want to begin proposing reasons for not ever thinking of adopting any Script other than the present देवनागरी that we have been using for a long time!

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Hindu Dharma and Ecology

Respect for Nature as for anything else comes from a certain understanding. For us Humans the thing in question must be of benefit to us, otherwise we will not do the right thing. This is how we humans are. So our minds are turning towards Ecology now that we have destroyed it to dangerous levels. However, we still are not really willing to look at the root cause of this phenomenon.

The way Hindus maintained the eco-balance for Millennia was based on an understanding of seeing an underlying oneness. This Manifestation, called Jagat, which we can call the Universe, is understood as interconnected. Please know that this concept of the Universe stands for what is known or unknown, existing now or potentiality in the future. So no questions of ‘what if this happens or that happens’, it covers all that.
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Hindu Dharma – Questions People Ask

I have made an attempt to give a brief overview of an ancient and philosophical religion. I hope this will help your study, at least to some extent.

What is the Concept of God?
According to Vedanta,(वेदांत) God is both the efficient and the material cause of creation. So God is not separate from the creation itself. Hence absolutely everything is part of God (manifest or unmanifest, known or unknown). This is where the attitude of accepting all forms of religious customs, that is so unique to Hindu Dharma, stems from. It is rooted in the basic principles of अद्वैता  वेदांत .

What is the Final Human Goal?
The final goal of a human life is to attain Moksha or Freedom from a sense of limitation. It is achieved through the realization of the fact that our essence is God and in that sense we are already one with God.

What is the Process to Attain this Goal?
Karma or action performed to the best of one’s ability in keeping with Dharma or righteousness and acceptance of results (karma-phala) with equanimity is one’s duty. If one thinks deeply there is no other choice either! The idea is to have a non-emotional approach to life and what it brings. In this way we can do what is to be done well and objectively, avoiding useless sorrow. If individuals are not sad and angry then most things will go well for most persons.

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Hindu Dharma – a Highly Misunderstood Tradition

As the oldest surviving tradition of the world we have gone through many things over the millennia. Much misunderstanding exists about what Hindu Dharma is and is not. These misconceptions are a result of both outside influences and inside neglect.

There are many religions in this world with followers; most religions are Historic, meaning a person at a given point started each of these religions. The वैदिक सनातन Hindu Dharma(हिन्दू धर्म) is unique, as there is no beginning, no person started it! How can that be? A fact nearly impossible to understand for those who rely on history for their beginnings and whose perspective of time is linear as opposed to cyclical.

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