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Seed the World (STW) is a nonprofit foundation. It was founded on the belief that individuals can make a difference in the global village by helping others help themselves to obtain essentials such as food, shelter and education.
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Wise Stories

Wise Stories

Once, it so happened that Lord Krishna was standing in front of the mirror decorating himself. He was trying on different crowns on his head and putting on some fine jewelry while his charioteer waited outside with the chariot ready. His charioteer waited and waited and thought to himself – usually, Krishna comes immediately, today he has still not come. So, out of curiosity, he went inside to find out if the program was still on because Krishna was very unpredictable, anytime anything could change. So, the charioteer goes inside and he sees Lord Krishna standing in front of the mirror admiring himself.

He politely asked, “My dear Lord, tell me, why are you dressing up so much today. Where are we going?”
Lord Krishna said, “I am going to meet Duryodhana.”

The charioteer said, “You are dressing up so much to meet Duryodhana?”
Lord Krishna then said, “He cannot see my inside, he can only appreciate my outside. So how I am dressed will impress him because he cannot see my inside.”

Then the charioteer said, “You are going to Duryodhana? You should not go, he should come to you. This I cannot accept.” He continued to say, “This is not fair. Look at your status and look at him! You are the Lord of the world. You should not go, let him come.”

Krishna turned back, looked at him, smiled and said,
“Darkness does not come to light, light has to go to darkness.”

 *May Deepavali illumine us from within.*

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The Influence Vedic Philosophy Had on Nikola Tesla’s Idea of Free Energy

By Science and Nonduality 

The Properties of Space
Science works best when in harmony with nature. If we put these two together, we can discover great technologies that can only come about when the consciousness of the planet is ready to embrace them. One example is “free energy,” also known as “zero-point energy,” which utilizes the substance that exists all around us and converts it into usable energy. This would give us a limitless source of energy, and would practically wipe out all poverty on the planet.

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What is Spirituality ?

Explain here that the meaning of spirituality. The importance of spirituality in our life.

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DHARMABEEJ - October 2019

धर्मबीज -1 : "सम्राट चन्द्रगुप्त मौर्य (एक भारत विजयी भारत के प्रेरक सम्राट) सम्राट चंद्रगुप्त मौर्य का विजय अभियान सिकंदर के अभियान से अधिक सशक्त और प्रेरणा देनेवाला है। चन्द्रगुप्त के विजयी अभियान ने आक्रांताओं को पराजित करने के लिए भारत राष्ट्र को "संगठित" किया। जनमानस में "एक भारत विजयी भारत" का भाव जाग्रत किया।


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