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A View from the other side (part-10)

Just a month ago I went to the PanIIT meeting in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. For me it was a historic conference to attend. It is my husband who is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, but Bhaagya took me, a spouse to deliver a talk at Kharagpur and help fund the activities of Students Forum for India’s Heritage (SFIH) that was in its initial stages then. So to me going to this conference meant much. Perhaps it is my deep appreciation of the Bhaartiya Samskriti and the fact of my being part Bengaali that pulled me to that part of India. The conference was fabulous—it is the first time I was at a place where the Indo-American was being recognized for all the contributions made by our people towards our adopted country, USA! If we read enough, we find that people of Indian origins have contributed to every country we have lived in. All who come in contact have benefited from the Aarsha Vidyaa (Rishi Knowledge) that is the inheritance of Bhaaratvarshis. More often than not, our contributions have not been recognized, particularly in the Western world, though they are first to open doors for Indian talents—of course only on an as-needed basis. India, however, has been able to supply whatever skill is needed to any country of the world—not a small achievement. Scientists, engineers, physicians, teachers, professors, medical personnel of every kind including physical therapists and much more. Our Spiritual gurus are providing the much needed mental stability, and Maharshi Patanjali of Yoga Sutra fame, is improving the much prized incomes and bodies of America too! Is there another nation such as ours on the face of this earth? It is only appropriate that I give credit to the USA, followed by some European countries, that they have attracted the best of the best from Asia. Is it a play of Karma that what is taken has to be given back in some way? Plunder of the ancient world may require that wealth return to them; that pride return to them and their ideas, at least some that were much better return to us for a better world.

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Friday, 22 January 2021